Kitchen Countertops

What is a countertop, really? It is a place where you store your needed daily items, the tools that keep your day going like the coffee maker and the toaster. But, it’s more than that. It’s the place where your cookies cool on a chilly winter day. It’s the place where you teach your little ones how to make biscuits. It’s where you mix batches of Grandma’s potato salad for summer BBQs. When you have more than enough counter space, your kitchen feels amazing. You want to cook more or even entertain more. When you don’t have enough counter space the kitchen feels too small in every possible way. We can help with that.

Bathroom Countertops

A well made bathroom vanity countertop can take your design to the next level. We have all the surface choices you need to match your cabinets and bring it all together. Custom fit is our specialty and no detail is too small for our installers to account for. Let’s talk about your dream bathroom and the counter material that will make it sing!

Visit the Gallery for Ideas

Dowdal Cabinets has a kitchen gallery in North Bay, Ontario, which is the perfect place to start. Come and have a look at the kitchen options and the design books. Speak to us and let us help guide you through the entire process. We have been in this community for 60 years and have built a reputation on providing the highest quality counters, cabinets and more for families all over the area. If you don’t see what you need, we can make it in our local workshop. That’s how dedicated we are to bringing customer service and satisfaction back to the list of priorities. We build, sell and install cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom and other areas in addition to bathroom sinks and vanities, countertops and more. Let us help you find the right counter.

Countertops by Dowdal Cabinets
Custom Countertop Colour and Style Options by Dowdal Cabinets

Choosing the Right Type of Countertop

If you have never looked for countertops before, you might not know how many options you have including choices of materials, size, shape and even color choices. Every type has its drawbacks – for instance, marble slab can be easily stained and can only be cleaned with certain cleansers. Butcher block is a great choice because it was created to take a lot of abuse but it’s not going to look right in sleek, modern styled kitchen.

Some materials are more cost-effective than others. Quartz and granite tend to be at the higher end of the countertop market, while laminate may be more accessible. Again, it is important to choose the right type based on all of your needs and that means more than just price. You want one that looks right, performs the way that you need it to and is easy to care for. You also want one that reflects your tastes and maybe adds a little personal flavour to the room in the process. The right counter can make or break a kitchen in terms of appearance and function. We can help you make the right choice.

Whether you end up choosing concrete slab countertops or Corian, Dowdal Cabinets wants you to be completely satisfied with the entire process from design to estimate to installation. We will even give you helpful tips to keep your countertops looking great for many, many years to come.

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