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It doesn’t matter if you like to cook or mostly eat takeout, you want the kitchen to have a welcoming type of presence in your home. Maybe you would eat more home cooked meals if you had the space to work and a well-stocked pantry to work from. From countertops that are too small and cluttered to battered kitchen cabinets, sometimes what’s holding you back is the kitchen itself. Give yourself the kind of kitchen that encourages you to come in and create some magic.

Don’t Settle for Cookie Cutter Cabinets

If you want to have a custom design that is different from anything you have ever seen, you only need to visit the gallery at Dowdal Cabinets to start getting the ideas for your own unique kitchen remodeling project. Maybe you’ve dreamed of beautiful kitchen islands or the perfect countertops and backsplash. Maybe you want to rip out everything and start over or maybe your plan is just refinishing kitchen cabinets and adding bright accessories to make things sunny and warm. Every plan you might have is something that we can do. Give us a call, get an estimate and let’s get started from there.

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops at Dowdal Cabinets North Bay

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Dowdal Cabinets has been in the business of specialized kitchen, bath and specialty cabinetry for 60 years. We are a family owned business and we know how important it is that you can trust and count on the people who are working in your home. Not only are we local installers of everything we sell, we also create special cabinets in our workshop in North Bay. We are the “Near Me” choice for all of your kitchen cabinet needs.

The big box stores do not care if you are satisfied or not. They just want to sell you a cabinet and let you figure out what to do next on your own. They work on a numbers game–the more they sell, the happier they are. If you ruin your cabinet or drop your counter before it is installed, they get to sell you a whole new one.

We want you to be satisfied. We bank our whole reputation on the satisfaction of our customers. If there is something that you are less than thrilled with, let us know and we are going to do what we can to make it right. We want every customer to be thrilled with the cabinets, island and counters that we install in their home.

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