Specialty Cabinets

Specialty Cabinets

Everyone needs a special place to call their own. They may go to that place to watch sports and shout at the bad calls the officials keep making. They may go to that place to do hobbies, play games or just listen to the music of their youth and tinker. Whatever you do in your she shed, your basement, your garage or your man cave, you want it to look a certain way. No matter how you envision the appearance you are going to need some sort of storage for all the things that you keep and even hide out there. We aren’t here to judge, just make your custom designed cabinets for your special place!

Great Customer Service is Part of the Price

Sure, you can find some cabinets on sale at the big box stores but are you going to find the “right” cabinet? If cheap is the only thing that matters, then you might be okay with their cabinets. But, if you want quality as well as expert installation and excellent customer service even after the job is complete, then we are the ones for you.

For sixty years, Dowdal Cabinets has been building and installing cabinets for the kitchen, bath and other areas as well as countertops, bathroom vanities and more. We believe that shopping local is important not just for us but for our whole community as well. Let us help you figure out your cabinet and storage needs.

Before and After Kitchen Cabinets North Bay - AfterBefore and After Kitchen Cabinets North Bay - Before
Specialty Cabinets by Dowdal Cabinets

Garage Cabinets and More

There are the basic garage-type cabinets that you can have. Cheap, thin metal that looks institutional and doesn’t have any style at all. Then there are other options. Options that are not only made and designed better, but are geared exactly to your needs. Every garage is different because of the way it is used. Even if you just stash random things in your garage cabinets, you want enough cabinets to matter. But, if you are out there working on a project then you want to have the right place for everything so you don’t have to stop and look around for tools and other items as you go.

Custom Cabinetry Wine Rack by Dowdal Cabinets in North Bay

Special Cabinets for Difficult Areas

It starts with a plan or vision. Next is the estimate so you can decide just how much you can do right now and what might need to be put off until a later date. If you come to our North Bay gallery and look at the cabinets that we have or could make for you, our family can help you figure it all out. Next comes the actual decision on the cabinets. Maybe you are going to need something a little more special than what you would find somewhere else. Dowdal Cabinets not only sells cabinets: We make them in our local workshop, right here in North Bay.

Specialty cabinets can be used for multiple purposes, and extra design features aren’t a problem. We’ve been doing this for a long time and our goal is to never let a customer walk away feeling unsatisfied in any way.

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